Closer (ft. Halsey) – The Chainsmokers Review //FRESH

The Chainsmokers are back at it again with an amazing collaboration.

Only this time it’s with amazing artist Halsey.

The new chart-topping single is one of the songs that will help people make memories the few remaining weeks of summer 2016. It’s even one of those songs that you can’t help but sing and dance along to.

Honestly, my friends and I blared it to Chicago and back last weekend and it never got old. This song takes the position as my favorite collab to be released this summer (sorry Justin).

The captivating saxophone riff that give the songs such a unique sounds is one of the top reasons the song is so catchy.

With lyrics like “play that Blink-182 song, that we beat to death in Tucson” just work amazingly with Halsey’s amazing voice.

If you haven’t head this song, honestly what are you doing! Make sure to check out the lyric video now!

Since everyone’s got their opinions on music, Halsey, and pop music, tell me your thoughts on the collab in the comments!

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