Sounds Live Feels Live Tinley Park // FRESH

Let’s take a moment are talk about how great SLFL Tinley Park was.

If you were there, you know how this show was probably the best 5 Seconds of Summer show that has ever been played on Earth.

The day started off at 4PM when I went to the Hollywood a Casino Amphitheater where we found out that they weren’t allowing anyone in until 5:30 to park. I found this weird because last year for Rock Out With Your Socks Out (check out my review of that here too) they started letting people in at 5. But parking is free there, so you can’t really complain.

So,  there wasn’t really much to do until the gates opened to go park so we sat on the side of the road with two other random cars for almost an hour.

I tweeted their photographer (@HOEG) about what should I do for two hours and he told me make a music video. While I never got around to it at that point in time there will be one at some point, so stay tuned for that!

Once we noticed that there were cars starting to form a line at the gate, we left our little rendezvous of cars that amassed behind us and headed to to go in.

However, they were sending people back even though it was 5:20. Like please event staff it’s fine if we make a line.

But some how, they told us we couldn’t get in and the cops directing traffics weren’t letting anyone except the staff that was trying to get to work in, and so we were stopped right out side the entrance. But then, they told us to turn in and we were the only fans to be let in that entrance early.

As we were driving through to park, 5 Seconds of Summer was finishing their sound check with If You Don’t Know. I only had a minor heart attack.

Once parked we joined the other fans by gate 2 and waited until the doors were set to open in a half an hour.

The sounds of One OK Rock and Hey Violet sound checking could be heard but no one really paid much attention. But, then it was 6PM and the doors still weren’t open because Hey Violet was still doing their sound check.

The doors opened about 20 minutes after 6PM and of course everyone was checked with a metal detector, bags checked, and caps removed from water bottles, and then we were in.

My friend and I had lawn seats so she headed to get us seats and I went to the merch tents to pick up some things that I wanted.

I had a terrible experience with the merch tent however. The limited edition poster for that night wasn’t at either merch tent on the side of the venue that I entered from. The staff didn’t even know what poster I was talking about. So, this girl told me they had some on the other side and I booked it over there, cut the line and they were out.

I felt like the merch tents on the side with gates 1 and 2 were poorly stocked and it was unfair to those of us who wanted the limited edition poster. I was upset to say the least.

On the bright side, my friend got us killer seats on the lawn. We were pretty much directly in the middle pretty close to the front of the section so we had an amazing view of the entire stage.

After a little waiting Hey Violet took the stage and played their set. Not many people really cared about them playing, including myself. I’m not the biggest Hey Violet fan but their newest released song, Brand New Moves, was pretty good live. I’ll give them that.

After a little more waiting, and wondering to go catch Pokemon (there was only a Rattata even though someone put a lure on the pokestop at the venue) One OK Rock came on

More people seemed to care about their set and we’re fans of them. I personally hadn’t heard of them but their music was good. If you like a heavy-er rock/punk you’ll enjoy them. I actually need to listen to more of their stuff to check them out more.

The change over to 5 Seconds of Summers stuff happened very quickly. And the music choices were on point, minus Nickelback (no one likes them lmao and it wasn’t even Photograph or Rock Star).

Once the lights on the stage turned on, the crowd went wild. Green Day’s Basket Case was also playing so I was living. After Blink-182’s All The Small Things played, that’s when the chaos started.

All the lights went down, screaming roared through the amphitheater, and the faint sound of the opening to Carry On could be heard.

Once their showed figures appeared on the dark stage, the screaming got louder.

Carry On opened the show; ironic because it ends the album. Carry On live is so life changing. Everyone is screaming but singing along. It makes it the most chaotic and peaceful thing to ever happen.

The build up from Cary On to Hey Everybody is such a weird interlude in my opinion. Like it has to go from low key to hype in about 3 seconds to get the feel going for the rest of the show. Musically it works and it sounds amazing but the flow to me just felt weird.

Hey Everybody live was super hype. Everyone was singing and dancing, for sure having a good time. A few other people around me also sang the little talking bits in the verse that are super random. Those bits of songs are my favorite to add in live.

Money, another hype song on the album, was third on the set list. There was no pause between the three songs which is pretty impressive and makes it so much more exciting.

One line in the second verse names cities (if you didn’t know) and everyone went “New York, LA, CHICAGO.” I feel like Calum might have sang it like that with us but I truthfully have no idea.

After Voodoo Doll and Don’t Stop, the band slowed it down. Disconnected’s opening guitar riff echoed through the theater. The chorus of fan girls singing the ohhhs in the beginning ran through the entire venue. Honestly, one of my favorites live. Especially at the end where it’s just the fans singing, no instrumentation. It’s such a beautiful moment to see fans coming together.

Outer Space is the song I was super excited to hear live. It didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t listened to this song, it’ll change your life. If they ever take it off the set list for future concerts and tours I will riot. It such a beautiful song and live it was 100000000 times better. This song was written to be preformed live and 5 Seconds of Summer didn’t disappoint.

The next major moment of the concert happened during Jet Black Heart.

This song is one of Michael’s favorites.

If you don’t know, the song live starts with Michael standing there with a blue tones spotlight on him, the rest of the stage dark. After a few seconds he starts singing. However, that didn’t happen.

Michael stared into the crowd. Everyone was screaming. It was such an amazing moment and then he took out his ears, one by one,to listen to everyone and we only got louder. He then put them back in and seemed like he was going to start. But he was still staring into the crowd. He took out his ears maybe two more times before attempting to start the song.

He but his ears back in, gripped his guitar and walked up to the microphone and only the first sound of everybody excepted his lips. He then backed up, the screaming was so intense at this point. He took out his ears to listen again. Then proceeded to get set to start the song again.

This time he got through the first word of the song, then again stepped away. By this point everyone was screaming in what seemed to be a more encouraging way, even though the sounds of screaming don’t change. I at this pointed just wanted the entire venues to start singing but no one did, I tried hard to make it happen but it failed. (My friend was so done with me when I tried to start it not gonna lie…)

Finally, after 5-ish minutes, he finally started the song.

This was such a beautiful moment, he was just staring into the crowd. I honestly wish I could ask him what was going through his head. Was he thinking about how far he and the band have come? Was he thinking about the fans and how supportive we can be? I honestly wish I knew, because his stare into the crowd was so innocent.

(Michael if you’re reading this thank you for that moment)

Honestly, if you weren’t there I don’t know how to describe how pure and beautiful this moment was. For those 5 minutes we all were screaming because we love this band, love their music, and want nothing but success for them. It’s one of those moments that you just have to be there.

After Jet Black Heart, Ashton basically told everyone to stand up and jump because it was time for End Up Here.

I was so out of breath by this point, I had to jump like Ashton said even though he wouldn’t have known if I did or not because we were far away from the stage. But like it’s just one of those things you do, you listen to the band on stage.

Next came 5 Seconds Of Summers newest release, Girls Talk Boys, for the Ghostbusters movie. This song live was amazing. Everyone was singing and dancing and it was just so loud and amazing.

After, Michael started to tell the crowd that they only had two songs life to preform. We didn’t like that, neither did Ashton. So, Ashton suggested that they play 10 more songs. So, the crowd started chanting 10, 10, 10 until Michael shut it down. Then Ashton called him a loser and got us all to chant again.

That’s how we ended up getting them to play If You Don’t Know. They NEVER play this song in concert so when they announced that they were playing it, I pretty much died, much like the rest of the crowd.

The final two songs were Permanent Vacation and their cover of What I Like About You. Both very high energy songs that got the whole crowd moving.

Then they left the stage.

But it wouldn’t be a 5sos concert if there wasn’t an encore.

After 3 minutes of the crowd screaming, the band came back on stage.

Ashton started off the encore with a drum solo, which let into She’s Kinda Hot.

The second and last song of the encore was She Looks So Perfect, their first radio played single.

After their final bow, throwing t-shirts, drum sticks, and guitar picks they left the stage.

Honestly, if you’re not a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, I get it. They’re not for everyone. But it’s hard to deny that they don’t put on a killer live performance. The three times I’ve seen the, live, they left me nothing but in awe.

Yes they’re boys in a band. But they’re not a boy band. Not like One Direction. No matter what you want to label them as,must know no one is forcing you to like or dislike them.

If you’re looking for a killer live show to go see, I highly recommend seeing them whenever you can. Without a doubt I will see them again, and again, and again until they stop touring.

Make sure to check out my ROWYSO Tinley Park Review also!

If you’ve seen 5 Seconds of Summer live at any point, at any SLFL show this year, or if you were at this concert, let me know your experience in the comments! I love reading other people’s stories of the shows I don’t see!

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